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Tuesday 4th, A borrowing kid generation - "The Unknown".
Stoner dayz Wednesday - Greenleaf - "Revolution Rock"
Fuzz Friday - Turned to Stone vol 2 - "Sergeant Thunderhoof/Howling Giant". Split album
Sunday Classics - Atomic Rooster - "Death walks behind you"
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Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Classic Stoner Dayz

Wednesday classics with Acrimony - "Tumuli Shroomaroom" Powerhouse from Wales.Acrimony was a Welsh heavy metal band from Swansea who was active during the 1990s. Releasing their debut album in 1994, they are regarded as the pioneers of stoner metal in the United Kingdom, and an important influence upon the scene. Although the band never achieved mainstream success, during their career they received much critical acclaim – they were nominated for the Kerrang! Best Newcomer award and earned top review ratings. Acrimony have maintained a cult following in the British metal scene, their records reportedly selling for vast sums as collector's items. AllMusic described their musical style as a "powerful blend of Black Sabbath’s heavy metal riffery, Hawkwind's space rock excursions, and Blue Cheer's fuzzed-out psychedelic feedback." In 2019, Kerrang! listed Acrimony as part of "20 bands who didn't get the respect they deserved"

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